I want to feel more energetic!

Have a draft that I haven't finish writing. I don't feel like continuing it.

Anyway, yesterday was my second day of work. At the same time I have college work. I'm a little bit messed up at the moment, I'm so tired for the pass 2 days. Everything hit me at one go, why does it always happen like that?

First day of work, lift wasn't working until I have walked up to the 8TH FLOOR. 8TH FLOOR!!! the office where I worked at is at the 11TH floor. T_T First day of work and I'm sweating from head to toe. haha. I had no appetite for my breakfast and on that day was my "first" day for that time of month. @_@

Energy drained out max! I got home and wanted to do my homework but around 10 something electricity got cut off. Super fml. So I slept but was too tired to wake up earlier and continue doing my assignment.

Next day of work, had issues with me trying to log on to the server...took one hour from the moment I reached office and it still wasn't okay. But at the end of the day it got resolved so it was fine. I actually went back nearly around 9 pm. So, I didn't manage to finish up everything I was suppose to do. Gotta do it this weekend and show on monday then I can finalise and hit it off.

It's really interesting. =)

Now I'm really tired. I hope I can get done with my stuff ASAP. Tomorrow I want to try and catch a movie! I am in SERIOUS need of a movie therapy.

Loosen up and just mix around.

Have a nice day =)
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