I need more pictures and less words. But this is not one of them.

Something I want to know,

Something I want to tell,

But the outcome is unknown. Do I take that step again? Fearing of what I might loose, but we must also think about what could be gained.

I guessed I thought too much. I interpret it wrongly, am I too young? Not suitable perhaps?

stop. Wait a minute. 

Rephrase those thoughts. It's not the right time. I should see that there are a million and one possibilities beyond of what I am seeing in front of me. So whats the hurry? There is no hurry. 

But the heart aches. The heart yearns. Thats when the only thing I can do is just smile, be happy and hope to feel  that ray of warmth one day. The sun will always rise the next day. 

Smile and feel good the moment you wake up. 

Go with the flow =)
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