I miss you

I am missing a lot of things right now.

I miss being at home. 
I miss my family.
I miss the walks I sometimes go.
I miss my friends.
I miss going to school.
I miss prefects, I miss PBSM, I miss my class.
I miss extra co-curricular activities, I miss marching.
I miss going to class and school was a fun place to go and be with friends.
I miss joining all those activities especially camps.
I miss art class. I miss painting. I miss the art elective's ppl.
I miss playing the piano.
I miss watching movies with my mum.
I miss sleepovers.
I miss reading books the whole day.
I miss coming home to a familiar place and I'm left there to dream.
I miss the times when my 3 ultimate hobbies was Reading,Drawing and Dreaming.
I miss going on holidays.
I just miss being what I use to be.

because things are different now, and I just have to make the best of it. But I just can't help missing it.

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