I don't need a reason to be happy.

I can be happy can't I? Why do I need a specific reason to be happy? It's just a feel good thing. It's good for our own soul!


Presentation is finally over! Get to take a break and not think of any college work for a few days! *heaven sings* can you hear the bells of joy??

Still got a lot of space for improvement. But I feel like I did better this time. Compared to my last 2/3 projects. I hope this time it gets better. There is another thing going on, Macy Home Furnishing competition. Back to classes on Mondays and Saturdays.

Went to Tropicana City Mall yesterday. We got SO LOST..but in the end we managed to get there. Miracle. I think yesterday was called "wrong decision" day. Most of the decision made..to take which turning was wrong. @_@ our oh so wonderful Malaysian road signs wasn't much of a big help either. It actually made it worse!

Tropicana City Mall, urm..Not really that nice to go to. The food is not too bad. Shop wise, so so.Except for this one shop that I spotted. Called the Other Bookstore or something like that, they sell only design books. So nice.. Architecture, Interior, Graphics, Product design. Not too bad. The mall doesn't feel energetic, the lighting was alright only. The facade, when the colour changes its a quite nice. But it seems like they focused for the passerby. View from when you are in the car. If you are just walking out from the mall you can't really see it.

My luck wasn't so good this morning. I stick the paper on the mounting board and before going to coll, I see my paper swelled up! like when a paper touches water and dries. My presentation board suddenly became 3D and had texture. T_T I paid RM72 for my printing and it feels kind of sad that this happened. Still need to make adjustments.

So now I'm home, blogging. Writing a whole lot of words~ going to put pictures and show my work. I welcome criticisms and opinions.

I feel SLEEPY. Something doesn't feel enough.

I have the feeling of wanting to see, feel, smell, listen to something different! Meaning I want to go out. Shop! movies! Anywhere interesting to go? hehe.

There are still so many things to do. I still have many plans that I've been wanting to do/go since ages ago. When will I ever complete them?
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