On the 9th day of internship

As you can see I have not blogged for a long time. It's already my 8/9th day at work. 1 week passed! I am still alive  =) internship has not killed me yet. 

Seriously it's really different, yeah I know I keep emphasizing on it and I keep on complaining that I have no pictures to put in my blog. I have some from my presentation. I am feeling lazy to upload, it's not the type of pictures that I feel like uploading at the moment. I saw a beautiful view while working to my office this morning. I should have snap a picture.

Went to KLCC alone yesterday, I had funnnn...shopping. hehe. I just bought a top. Can't really call it shopping, but I did FALL IN LOVE with this pair of gorgeous purple pants/jeans. I was ready to buy it. The size I tried on was too big. I asked for a size smaller and they ran out of stock. =(  I hope I could find it somewhere else. I think my next mission is to go watch movie alone. 

gahhh I can't believe I'm turning 20 in 4 days time!!! 
my age starts with a 2.
I am considered entering my twenties. 
key to adulthood..

*dramatic song*

That was really random. 

I'm a little hyped up at the moment. Office people are nice to talk with and on the way back I met my housemates coming back from Perhentian. I feel like a chatter box. 

Went for a short site visit at KLCC. The beginning stage. I couldn't go to a product launch about carpets I think. Cause I didn't have an invitation so they couldn't bring me. lol. Oh well. more to come I hope. It's only been my first week.

I want to go home. I miss homeee..I have class on sat and mon.. How greatttt.. 

Basically that is about it..


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