3rd Day of Work

Funnily enough, I'm feeling good today. Maybe it's because I watched a movie and I had a nice good sleep. This morning, I was a little bit later than usual to the LRT station and bloody hell. So freaking crowded. I was wearing a turtle neck long sleeved shirt in black! Sweating like crazy but no choice cause the office where I worked in is SO COLD.

My supervisor is not in today, and I had nothing much to do cause there were some who went for meeting. So I helped another senior out. Layouts and autocad~ My shoulders are seriously aching. No matter how comfortable is the chair, you will naturally sit and position yourself closer to the PC therefore having ACHING shoulders. 

Left the office around 7.30pm. It feels different~ Everything feels different. 

I'm awake, I'm also feeling tired, I'm feeling good, happy and I'm also having this nagging feeling in me. I have a whole bunch of emotions rite now! 

My blog still lacks of pictures!

I want to take pictures! This coming Monday is my presentation. Macy competition is still on @_@ gahhh. 

And since yesterday I've been craving for MOVIES AND SHOPPING. 

Good night everyone. 

With love,
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