What a day, the best part it's not over yet. =)

Wow, I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now.

I wouldn't want to call it a bad day because I don't wish it to be a bad day. Consider it as an adventure.

Wanna know what happened?

Heres how my day started :

was rendering an image, was hoping to be able to go to coll to show something since I couldn't show much on Mon and yesterday I was sick. My file was too heavy and then my laptop couldn't take it. It took forever to render and I had to go out for an interview and suddenly Ann called me said my laptop shut down. SHUT DOWN....T_T

I never been to Pandan Indah by myself before. With my dad yes, but that was when I was a lot younger and never care about directions. So I reached and got directions from  the lady I called but I couldn't find the landmark and I went to far straight!!! So when I turned back, wasn't sure of the way and it was so jam. Craziness. I think I got stuck there for almost an hour.

Not only that, I kept on driving and somehow I ended up somewhere in KL and then Pudu. OMG, I saw many familiar buildings I don't know where to go. I could even see Times Square at one point. Then finally I saw somewhere familiar and I know how to go back. Then when I was so close to reach Seri Petaling, I MISSED THE TURNING TO KOMPLEKS SUKAN NEGARA AND HEADED TO CYBERJAYA / PUTRAJAYA. T_T!


Luckily there was a U-turn after the toll. 

So finally I reached Seri Petaling, I wanted to go see my parents but no parking and they were busy. So I head back to Wangsa. It was jam at some parts but finally I reached! such a relief! 

I drove non-stop for 3 hours. 

I was okay and feeling like happy and all cuz its an experience..but when I came back then I felt so overwhelmed. Like the after effect came back at me. While I was talking to my parents on the phone I can feel my hands turned to jelly and tears just naturally flow.

I think it's from the getting lost and somehow things just went awry. So scarieeee and I was alone. Like a fish out of water.

Just have to handle things one at the time.

I really can't wait to go back home tomorrow. haha 

Now I have a decision to make! Moving on to something else. hehe

xoxo =)

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