The Usual

We humans are odd. When we are put to a schedule, a busy schedule we always complain that there is too little for ourselves to rest, enjoy or have our own "me" time. But when we are given ample time, why don't we appreciate it? Why don't we do something useful with it? Why do we spend our time in front of the screen...browsing through or dream the whole day on. Open up Facebook and thats it...We're done for the day and night. WHY? 

Are we so incapable of making good use of our time? It's like we end up saying.."shit lar..I should have sigh"

When will we ever learn. Basically we're just lazy aren't we? 

Just complaining, cuz I am feeling that way right now. grrrrrr.. It's no point trying and just stop there. Always seem like trying but its not there yet. Makes it very frustrating. so gotta try harder! 

Anyway..enough about that. Thinking about it..rambling about it, is a waste of time and energy. Might as well write about something else! =)

Watched 2 movies in 2 days! Clash of the Titans and How To Train Your Dragon (3D)!!!! Clash of the Titans, through out the whole movie, it was quite nice really but the ending is quite a big turn off. In the end, you think what is this story really about? 

How to Train your just amazing! I want to watch it again. The dragon, Toothless.. It's like a cat. So pampered so manja... The big cute catlike eyes. What they say it seems true enough, after Finding Nemo, there aren't any great animations. Until now. =)

We re arranged our room. I can't wait to share with u guys the pictures. hehe! Feels so nice now. Like a real room not just a students room. I think this room is more fun than my own room at home. Bought a cushion for my chair, hopefully that would make me stay at my chair longer! I'm really feeling excited. 

Well gotta go crack my head now. =) enjoy the doughnuts!

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