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If Great Minds Think Alike, then what's so great about it?

Had no electricity yesterday. Can't do homework at all, me needs the computerrrrr.... Why didn't I consider college? o.O omg.. totally slipped my mind. haha! So lazy. But they say whole area don't have. =P

So we went out. Karaoke! It's been a long time since I joined for Karaoke. Never sang so much English songs in a row. haha. By the time I came back, the power came back. I did other things but homework. Too tired.

Went to Basheer and I saw this really awesome book that I really wanted to get. But held back because I am not sure I want to buy it due to it's effectiveness or my impulsive nature. Shall think it over. Books over there cost a bomb.. It would be a waste if I were to purchase it and not make good use of it at all.

Called the IDEA BOOK. Full black cover with just a simple silver print. 150 pages that teaches you about IDEAS and another 150 pages for you to contribute your ideas. I like it cause the way they present their text, the language they use is simple and effective enough to stimulate your thinking and it makes you feel like you want to write something. (most of the time) Or maybe it's because I was in an art and design bookstore and the "feel" was there. 

But yeah, although there isn't any images at all. I guess that is a good thing because if they have images, you would automatically refer to the images where as if its all text you have to think and imagine your own images thus making it your own. It cost RM100. I have the discount coupon thats why I'm seriously considering whether I should get it. I'm already prepared to sacrifice the money spent on novels for books like these and reference books. As I said before, the good design or reference books really cost a bomb.

There was another book I saw, smaller, slightly more expensive, also teaches you about getting ideas etc. But it's smaller, more compact and really messy. Full of colours, different type of typography. Maybe it's overstimulating. haha It's not too bad but I feel its rushing me. Where as for the other book, it's nice and slow.. If you get what I mean. 

Ahh, anyway, I'm just typing everything that goes into mind about it. I can't sleep. First time in a while.. I slept but I feel as though I'm awake at the same time. I slept at 12.30 and I've been up since 4.30am. Doing homework? NAH! haha Just clearing up my files in the laptop. I think I need to reformat it. It's already 6am. Should I try to get some sleep? Class is at 9.30am.

oh well. See you!

Have a good day. =)
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