This is going to be a tired week.

Still gotta strive for it. Can't give up yet, there is more to do and there more that could be done. (I feel like ending this sentence with This Is It ) Suddenly feel a bit lost but the direction is there. Just gotta be a wee bit more observant. Don't just brush it off and let it be. Something could be done! So yeah, never say never and don't give up!!!

Out of the whole week, yesterday slept at 2 am. Gosh, long time didn't do that and I feel quite like a zombie. On a bad day too. I'm in a midst of making picture frame for pics of my family. Can't wait to finish them =)) haha. Kind of a plan that was supposed to be done before the holidays. It's been on my mind. haha

Anyway, I'm feeling very nostalgic, I feel like going back home and digging out all the old photos.. T_T after seeing Sheryiin's facebook. It makes you feel like getting that analog camera, get some film and start snapping. Old school =)

Bye =)
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