Something I have to overcome

Felt like I never blogged for ages..Well technically it's just 5 days. Feels like ages~

I can get a good rest today =) I'm so glad. Past few days, was confused about something and basically quite stuck. Someone mentioned that I looked as though I'm in a daze. Well honestly, it does kinda feel like that. Yesterday, I felt something interesting. I can't explain the epiphany perhaps?

Had critic session today, as usual got changes to make. Too bad Ms. Ooi can't make it..and Mr Daniel came in later.

Yellow cab through the streets of New York.

I've decided that to overcome my fear of showing my work to others..I've decided that I shall take pictures of my work process whenever possible to share with everyone. I think it's a good way for me to overcome my fear. Receiving comments about it and criticism is a good practice. I can learn to understand how ppl's point of view towards it or whatever it is I might share.

We're doing a New York Style cafe, it's actually a competition with a budget of RM 300 000. Not really focusing much on the competition, really need to survive and get through Sem 5 and Sem 6~

Here's the pic of my "work process"..before I regret and remove it..T_T

The layout plan

service counter
part of dining

another part of dining

well there you go~ Gonna write this pretty quick cuz I swear if I linger here any longer I would select and hit the REMOVE button. Of course there are going to be changes. It's our progress and learning process. It won't come out exactly like this. It's never finish, what made it finish is because we have a deadline. If not, it can go on and on and on till the end of time.


I'm wondering if its a good idea to show the process or should just show the finish work? or it makes no difference at all?
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