Sat, went to celebrate Leong's birthday. Suppose to to Ampang Lookout Point and celebrate but thanks to my careless mistake we celebrated at Coffee Bean then only go to the Lookout Point..@_@ I took the wrong turning to Ampang Point.

But in the end was not too bad and I got even more interested in Lomography! 

Yesterday class,
Got reminded again...I must be productive! Can't be stuck and I need to find a way out of it. The feeling is really horrible you know, where you are doing something but not doing it. Not here not there. Why?! 

Critic this Thursday! Worry can't make it in time.. Haha need to be productive! and at the same time, enjoy what I do. Don't stress....

Gosh! I'm sooo sleepy! I slept early and tried waking up early but still sleepy! Needs to increase energy level..

Went to Low Yatt to get my CPU checked cuz I had trouble installing all the 3D drawing software and it lags like crazy. Peggy got her laptop checked as well. It turns out, when I bought the CPU, they didn't install for me the graphic card. SUPER SWT.. all those times of trying to install and uninstall..and it turns out its not my problem. 

But such a relief! It's a minor problem. =))

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