Men are lucky

my goodness. Weather is so hot..can die. I wanna drenched myself in ice cold water sipping ice cold lemonade. Been sweating since yesterday afternoon. Can't drink cold water cause of monthly girly issues. ==

Yesterday my stomach hurt so badly that I think I could almost faint. I was alone near my college area, buying some  buttons. I was sweating, the weather was so hot and I felt cold at the same time. I couldn't even buy packed food for myself. Forced myself to quickly go to the car, lock it and start the engine. Find a sweet to eat. I couldn't walk a long distance to get food so I went to McD drive through ( not a good option I know)

I came home, the only thing I felt like doing what to drop everything I have on and head to my bed. I can't even force myself to get a glass of water. I felt like vomiting too. Seriously a nightmare. Went to the bathroom... I changed to my shorts. Take a glass of water. Went to the room and try to sleep. So hard to fall asleep!

In so much pain, it was 3 in the afternoon, on the fan and I was cold. At the point I really wish I was home. But I can't, I'm out here, and I have to stand it on my own. It's harsh and hard, you really wished you have your family around you. Finally I slept, I can't remember falling asleep but when I woke up it was 1 1/2 hours later and I felt a lot better. Then only I had my lunch. I stayed in my room until it was 6. I couldn't really get out of bed. Felt so weak.

Haven't felt so much pain in such a long time. I wonder what went wrong.. probably with the food I eat or something.

Men are lucky, not having the need to go through this. haha

And today, weather is SOOO hot! I shifted to the room. Where is so much cooler...Taking this opportunity now to wash my clothes and get it dried. =) fresh smelling clothes to wear. heeee

oh dear. I've gone chubby. Someone called me chubby. cute..but sad. 

Btw, my hamster died. I didn't even have it for a month yet. =( I don't know what went wrong seriously. I helped to look after Yee Ann's one and nothing happens. Yet mine died. =(

Here! Some yummy "lick your drool" ice-creams =) enjoy!

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