Kelly Clarkson Concert

No longer a concert virgin! *jumps in joy*

I think they super PS'ed her face. lol She is actually much chubbier now. Cute! haha

haha. Went to Kelly Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted" concert tour yesterday with my mum. Haha don't give me that o.O look. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have gone to the concert and have a great time.

mum and I

Met up with Jah over there.

Omg..I can't believe I saw Kelly Clarkson singing LIVE in front of my eyes...

She's good.

The stage. Watched Jaclyn Victor and Suki performed..

Too bad I can't take pictures. We weren't allowed to bring cameras. Guard didn't spot mine so I manage to sneak a few shots. But boy, they were really strict.

Balloons was falling down frm the top level. It was really pretty, the only shot that has most balloons. Bloody guards were so close by.

only shots of them performing. Obviously can't see Kelly. She's somewhere in there. =) haha
I have to say, the spot lights were beautiful.

I can't explain how it was. It was just great. 1 hour plus of her non-stop singing. I hope she comes back.

Till then,

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