Just a short thought

I'm craving for movies!

Feels like its been so long since I watched a movie but the truth is, the last movie I watch was Shutter Island. I also feel like going home. I am missing home now. This Sat I'm going to go back =))

Going to start internship soon~ like next month soon. Next week is next month. So fast, it's going to be May in a few days!

I'm going to be 20 yrs old! I remember when I was 9. It was 1999, and my English teacher was talking about Y2K. Saying that the following year is year 2000 and she was talking to us about how we are going to write our dates. By writing "00" or "2000". I forgot how the discussion went but in the end she mentioned about 2010. At that time, at that moment I couldn't imagine what 2010 would be like. It seemed impossible to reach that year. We calculated that we were going to be 20 and everyone was in shock. (yalar..what to do..9 yrs only!)

So yeah..now here I am in the year 2010! 11 years has passed since that day. I feel somewhat old but in a good way.

many more things to discover and learn!

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