Feeling totally bland

Another hot day. Even at night, I would be sweating, am I burning calories without movement? (I hope so! shhh)

Yesterday was not a good day. It feels like I'm trying but I'm still always one step behind. I do it, but it never seems enough. Do I like it enough? I'm really lost actually. I can't even tell if I like it enough or not. Just telling myself to not ponder over it so much. I'm going to end up in the same scenario and it's definitely going to kill me this time. No joke. Well not kill in death..but destroy me.

Y'all probably won't know what I'm rambling about. It's usually about college these days. Don't have much of a social life to talk about. Students life they call it. ( I thought students life are the most exciting ones)

Read some articles from the design magazine Frame, and felt a little better. Thinking that it really simple really. Don't bother and worry so much. Went out for dinner, but the situation got worse. I felt so bad. I came home, I had that same habit of sleep and waking up multiple times.

Sleep early wake up early. I can sleep early but I can't wake up as early as I want to. Such a pig. lolx.

Currently having problems with decision making or things that I should do. It feels kinda screwed up.

Shit, this sounds like some bloody emo post right now. Just need to keep myself busy I suppose. I feel like going out jalan jalan~ I want my long walks alone. I don't really like going for walks around here sometimes.For some weird reason, I like the idea of going out walking alone where I don't see people I recognise.

Have to push ourselves to do more. It's a good training for the future. Ideas ideas idea..I want inspiration. I want to feel excited by it for it with it....Excitements creates energy..gives your inspiration...makes you happy which will all reflect in your work. Right now I feel so bland...bland bland bland..

haha. Probably needs some seasoning and salt and some time to marinate. By then I better not be bland!

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