Well there isn't any dilemma anymore is there?

Went to college, Ms Ooi said postpone till 2.30 but we waited till like almost 3. There are 15 people in my class, 5 confirmed pass, 6 still pending and 5 confirmed failed. I am on the pending list.


I kind of upset in some way. Because it's never happened like this before..but at the same time I knew that this would happened. Like because I knew what decision I made and how the outcome was going to be like. 

I just hope they would pass us. I really do.

I just feel like saying I'm really tired. I need a time out. I need a break. I really do and it is not about ID entirely either. I just really need a break from all of these. Just to focus on something else other than ID and to figure out me. At the beginning its a 2 month break..now it becomes a 2 week break.


Found out something surprising. Good thing or bad thing? No idea...

I just hope 2 weeks is enough for me. It has to be because after that I need to get back on track again.

Now, getting not so good grades doesn't affect me so much although it hurts to know that my g.p.a and c.g.p.a will drop a lot ever since my dengue incident. But after getting results for that, it feels like I got nothing to loose anymore.


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