Smile because you can

It doesn't feel like it is over. We just had our final presentation on Friday. Which did not feel like a presentation, most of us were included. 10 marks minus off like that, no verbal presentation whatsoever, they ask you answer. 

I wanted to do better for this second half sem, but it didn't worked out. While doing this, I think I should expect this kind of comments from them. I myself wondered what happened. I think it was a mistake that I've done. I can't undo what was done. From here, I hope it is a step forward.

I wasn't hurt by their comments, I was sad by the fact that I couldn't do as well as I think I should be doing. At least an improvement. I felt like I am going backwards. Or maybe it's still the same, just I'm at a different level of realisation of what I'm doing.

They can't comment much because I didn't present as much on the board. Plus, I decided to change a lot of things in the end. They commented about just doing it, don't feel inspired to design, no relation, confused/lost etc..things like that. 

not a good start. not a good ending.

So what happens from here on? We were planning to postpone our Semester 5, but then now I heard that we might be given another project to do. So I'm really wondering what is going to happen. It feels really tiring, maybe because I'm sick at the moment. Just feel like taking a break. Like a full break, where you don't think about your homework. 

So yeah, end of Semester 4 but it's not over yet. 

to be continued....

why? cuz I have a lot of thoughts going through my head @_@
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