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How do you decide to give a title to your blog post? To make it sound exciting so that people would read it. Trick people by attracting them with your "oh so wonderful" title only to find out that the content is just so-so.


Since the dinner with Jovita+Charlson, Sean, Han Seng and Avanda changed to yesterday, today I get to go out with my parents! =) They wanted to find a Buddha figurine/statue ( I don't know what is the appropriate term to use) to replace the old one. Woke up this morning, the usual come down, laze around, eat breakfast then go get ready.

This picture wasn't as vibrant. Played around with photoshop. =) I liked how the colours turn out. 

This Uncle was so tedious with his job. Carefully peeling the water chestnut and slowly arranging them in the plastic bag. It's like he really love what he is doing. 

This photo was really random. This uncle was walking pass the fruit stall in Pudu. After this was when that idiot taxi driver scuffed my mum's car.

Went to Pudu, the weather was so hot, makes you wished that you stayed home. Was going round and round and some idiot taxi driver knocked my mum's car. Made a scuff mark and didn't apologise for it. Dad got so freaking pissed off. Such an idiot, never even got out of the car, never bothered to say sorry and got mad at my dad.

my favourite photo at the moment. looks like cut and paste.
thinking, feeling black and white..looking at the world that is fill with vibrancy.

what do you think? 
After that, we went to a place to eat goose. Gosh, I never knew goose is so bloody expensive. But taste good too. It's like RM80+ for half a goose.

Searching for parking in Amcorp Mall and I saw this cooper. I really loved the blue colour on it. Plus it's number plate is WMW. =) no particular meaning just from far you see zig zag lines instead of WMW

We couldn't find anything suitable so after that we head to Amcorp Mall to check out Bookxcess. Bought some books =) it's really affordable there. Got the chance you guys should check it out. The place is still quite new, the shelves aren't fully filled out yet but there are a lot of choices. The arrangement is still a little bit messy. You can see the same books repeating here and there. But imagine, the prices are about half the price they are sold in places like Popular, Borders and MPH. So it's really affordable.

www.bookxcess.com can check it out here. It's at Amcorp Mall, L3-60

The last place we went to is I-City in Shah Alam. The building is really empty. They do have some nice LED lighting decoration from CNY and Christmas. I thought it would be a garden of LED lighting but not really. It's quite nice really. If only it's more but then again, the place is really new. Luckily I was with my parents, if I were to go there alone...I don't think I would even enter.. hehe

 After so long, I just got to snap pictures. But disappointed by the fact that I didn't take any pics with my parents.
LED lights up close and personal. 
Entrance to "Winter Wonderland" sort of thing. It's nice and cold. 

Glowing plants. Reminds me of Avatar

CNY section

This was outside. After the "cheesy" Christmas deco. No offence but they were kind of cheesy. Pretty but cheesy

The reflection of the yellow lights at the background reflected on the plant. Pretty

Autumn trees outside
Everyone taking pics of each other. Posing with the decoration. CNY section

I hope they come out with more decorations. I don't mind going back to Amcorp mall too. I think over there you can find a lot of second hand stuff. Some interesting old funky stuff too perhaps.

Before I leave,

This  Sat, 27th March is EARTH HOUR.

8.30pm until 9.30 pm. Please show your support and off your power supply for JUST AN HOUR. =) 
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