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I had the mood to blog yesterday and then...BOOM! it's gone.

Well no, not BOOM. It didn't disappear on an impulse. Whats the point of getting mad at myself for not being able to do it..etc when those actions were done by me. No point being angry or upset when no effort was done in the first place. It's all just thoughts. Thoughts that weren't put into action. 

Went out with Sheryiin and Michelle and watched Remember Me and Alice in Wonderland. haha another 2 movies on my movie list to be ticked off! yay! I'm loving the fact that I go out to watch movies! Like ol' times.

She got her new toy to play with. Super cute. Lomo cam. I'm tempted now, I like how the effect is going to come out. I hope I can get it. Soooo cute! haha We went to Sunway Pyramid. I've not watched a movie in Sunway Pyramid for a few years already. They say TGV popcorn taste better than GSC's. Which I agree but a different case with Sunway Pyramid's TGV. SUPER SWEET! I like the ones in KLCC. =P

The first movie we watched, the cinema was pretty scary. Really steep, felt like you were going to fall off. This movie is really touching, I really never expect the ending would be like that. But one thing that wasn't so good about the movie is the fact that they cut out those 18sx scenes. I mean, come on..you already label the movie 18SX, but when they cut out the scenes like that, they might as well make it PG13!

How much action are they going to show? It's seriously kind of stupid sometimes. They more they restrict, the more "forbidden" it is..the more people would want to figure it out or do it. Plus it's not like they can't get other sources. Even in pasar malam, they would sell those porn DVD's right at your face. (no shame at all =.=)

It was really funny because the whole cinema was making noise and the guy beside me was laughing and the 3 of us were laughing. Well cuz, it was obvious that the scenes got cut off and everyone realised it. haha.

I liked the show, for me, it left a knot like feeling in me, at the ending there.

Yes! finally watched it. haha. Second cinema we went, a lot more comfortable..very theater style or feeling. But a lot more comfy =) A lot of kids were watching the show and I don't think it's very suitable for them. They changed the story line. I think the show is not too bad. A lot of people say it was boring or not very good, I guess they expected too much or maybe they were hoping the same effects like Avatar.

I wish the ending didn't go that way. It was not enough~ Everybody's favourite quote from the movie.

"I think I'm mad.
Do you think so ?
Yes. I think you are mad! But i tell you what , all geniuses are!"

everyone loved talking about it. don't you wish you were bonkers? sometimes I do =) hehe

I guess movies have a way of giving you what you expected, leaving you wanting for more and giving you a twist of surprises when you least expect it. Whether you want it to be like that or not. Leaves you questioning about it.

Tonight HBO is going to show the Curious Case of Benjamin Button! I want to watch it again..but I can't. I hope I get to catch the movie before I go back. hehehe

We all have to do research. I'm feeling so lazy to do so but yet excited about it...

Not ready for college just yet.. Not at the moment.

Got myself a new hair do and hair colour. =) loving it, it's really totally new. A new me! This will be a kickstart to a new me. Working on that. =) Will share pics real soon. Bye!

xoxo <3
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