home again

I'm home today!

I gotta say, every time I got home, I have this weird feeling all over me, like the place is so familiar yet I have to get used to it all over again. The people are different which are my family of course. This adjustment mode always makes me have this clashing of emotions over myself. Because when you stay out, you make your own decisions and you are on your own. When you're at home it's different. You miss your parents and siblings..they miss you..well hopefully they do. =P

Last time, when I come home, I just leave my things on the hallway. The usual messy me. But this time I brought my things up, I don't know why, I just did. The feeling of I have to clear up my stuff I suppose. I was in my adjustment mode, the weather was so hot..Over at my place, I stay at the 7th floor so weather is kind of breezy most of the time. Mum called and told me to clear up my things. At first I have this annoyance in me..cuz in my mind I was thinking, "can you not judge me or tell me what to do until you see whether is it necessary to do so?" of course I didn't say that, because that is just the annoyance that every children have when they have parents talking to them (or maybe it is just me)

All I said was, I already put up my stuff...and the answer was, "wow..so good?" Me: "cannot meh?" haha. I feel like I'm being talked to like a kid. It feels so hard to believe that I'm turning 20 in a few months and yet I'm annoyed by the fact that I'm being talked to like a teenager or a child. 

Parents, they are just concern about us children. They once said..no matter how old we grow, we're still kids to them. We're still their children. 

Anyway, since I'm back home..I can feel my lazy mode is back on. WHICH ISN'T SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!!! I'm not suppose to get lazy. I'm suppose to get busy with the things I love to do. I've realised that I can't seem to draw as well as I used to (not that I'm very good in the first place either =.=) but yeah, after doing ID for 3 semesters, I tried drawing normal things and it was quite tough, not as smooth as it used to be. RUSTY!

A few things I want to tackle this oh so short holiday of mine ( it was suppose to be 2 months!) I'm not going to tell in fear of it not happening, hehe like pantang larang~ Once I've done it then I'll share it out. Probably going out for a movie tomorrow. =)) I'm thinking of getting a new bag..I have this big bag I used for coll but going out? its my mum's and I think it looks old on me. But we'll see how.. See if my purse agrees with me. =)

Till then!

it's time to sweat a little. 

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