To go for it or not. Question marks everyday, popping into my mind, trying to give an answer to them. Will there be a day where I would know how to answer the questions that comes to my mind. Make the decision that I know and believe that it is the right thing for me to do. 

Sometimes I just feel like blocking everything out just so that there would be a possibility that I would only listen to one voice. 

What was said or mention struck a chord. If I have really taken note and felt what was said, there will be tears. Because it was exactly how I felt. The only thing I could do is keep my silence... The only thing that could make me feel a little better is that there is hope that it will get better in time. Sometimes I want to talk about it when I get back but nobody was in the situation with me so it's hard to visualize it out with words. Even with the tone, facial expression and hand movements. It's not the same. 

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