Back to college again! Feels kinda odd that we're only having 2 classes a week. But it's a good kind of feeling =P Doing our part 2 project now so later on, it won't be so hectic. 1 month project, it's really fast. What's the next step from here?

Went out with Sheryiin and MC yesterday to eat sushi. Fun =) Thanks MC. haha

Caterpillar. taste good haha

 Basically nothing much happened on the first day. But there's a feeling like there is a lot of things to do. I'm somehow feeling pretty excited. =) See how things goes from here. Basically we have no break until September.

I can't describe how I'm feeling now. Heart rate is going pretty fast at the moment.

Going out later with the class to check out cafes. I hope I get to come back a little earlier. It feels like you've just embarked on a journey, it's a personal journey though. The kind of feeling that can't be expressed out with words or pictures. I'm going to see where this one will take me, it's going to feel pretty crappy at times and I would have to make decisions that I should have done a long long time ago. But it's not too late. It's going to be freaking hard, but it's going to be worth it.

Process takes time. Development or developing takes time. Be patient and stay grounded.
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