Back! =) 

I suddenly have the urge to go out for a movie or karaoke. Which reminds me of a very embarrassing incident. I don't sing out really out loud unless I'm aloneee... so just the other day I was with Ann, we're in our was really quiettt

so..I on the music out loud. All my other house mates were out and so I was singing to some songs that I really like. OUT LOUD. Like really loud and that was my first time singing out loud here while Ann is around. I was thinking like what the heck.No biggie..

Then I heard some one coming back home and it was my house mates. Obviously I stopped singing right..then one of them ask, "is YS still sleeping? 


o.m.g. haha turns out one of them was still at homeeeeee...still sleeping. OMG. Paiseh to the max man. I don't know if he heard. I think he reads my blog..sometimes.. =P

I had one of the best sleep ever last night. Felt so good waking up this morning. =) Went to Mid Valley yesterday. Initially we wanted to check out MIFF, it ends at 6.30 pm but we tried. We reached like ngam ngam that time and while reaching there, I saw that people are leaving. They were clearing up when we reached there. Nobody bothered us so we didn't bother asking either. 

After that we made our way to MV, using KTM. Ended up at some super ulu area in Sentul. Turns out we missed the transition at KL Sentral. Spent most of time travelling. Wanted to eat and Sushi Zanmai but the queue was too damn long...

That was about it =) 

I'm itching to do things! Watch movieesss.

Was just chatting with a friend just now and she mentioned about writing wills. She said that she does it every year and it's really interesting because she mentioned that when she wrote her will, in the end she realised that what she have left is nothing. 

So I start to wonder, what do I have left for the people around me or for the world if "touch wood" I were to die?


oh well. Nights!
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