Sometimes we need a drink or two~

Back to Wangsa!

Came back, made 3 trips up and down to get my stuff! haha the last time Yee Ann helped me. Thank goodness if not I think have to make 4 trips already. Don't know why I always come back with loads of stuff. =.=


was contemplating whether or not to come back. But heck, just come back only lar. For some reason I was feeling nervous. I had to slow down, pack my things slowly and luckily my bro asked me if I tried the coffee liquor or not. So I tried it, it calmed down my nerves...

got the ice and put it in a cup.

prepare the liquor. hehe..the bottle so cute. I like!

looks like this, just shake it or stir it and done! Ready to drink =) yummmsss

Like Kahlua. Yummy! It's dangerous in some ways because it doesn't have that strong alcohol taste. It taste sweet and like chocolate coffee so you would tend to gulp it down and it is quite strong. A friend says it's a ladies drink because of its sweetness and you can't taste the alcohol or any sort of bitter after taste. It's just smooth.

But yeah, I was trying to calm down my nerves, for some reason I get nervous before going's like going back to another reality. The drink really help.. A LOT. I was totally calm after that, so I just continued packing till I'm done and ready to come back to Wangsa. =)

Interesting CNY though, for once I did not gamble, drank a little bit more. Everything is just so serene and calm. I enjoyed myself =)

well at least I know one remedy for my nerves. =P hehehe..nah, won't take it seriously. It's late..and I can't sleep. I wonder how long would I be awake.


sweet dreams =) have a great weekend!

much love.
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