So boring

I'm so exhausted. Just really tired. We had to submit our construction drawing today. We had to use auto cad to draw our work.

Basically if Sir never ask us to use auto cad to draw, we probably won't touch it at all. =P So thanks for asking us to use auto cad. Was planning to submit latest by 4 something but I was doing it until night! omg~ Spent like 7 hours facing the screen yesterday. Another 7 hours today. It's not that hard to use but we didn't learn some of the important things that we needed to know. So we just learnt it from another lecturer yesterday.

I didn't eat the whole day until dinner time at around 9 something. Since I only had one meal, I think I'm going to feel hungry very soon. Found out that I over spent this month! shittt..

Tomorrow is our last day of college before our 1 week CNY holiday begins. =) =) I can go home, I'm happy to do that. Everybody is going back hometown tomorrow. Was planning to do something tomorrow but since I'm broke, I'll just stay at home. haha.

Tired. No mood to write and there is nothing to blog about. I got nothing exciting to share nor the mood to share anything. Sobs~~~

oklar. Nites!

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