A passing moment

how do I start changing? Or is change already beginning with every little thing I do and every little thoughts I make? Am I working towards it? 

Too bad no one can tell you whether the direction you are going is right or wrong. Sometimes I am just so clouded with things in my mind that I'm just down right confused. You must be thinking "what the hell this girl got in her mind?!"

Honestly, I don't know what am I thinking. Or why am I thinking so much things for.

But I got to set my mind and heart into something. Last time it was just a description of a situation or an environment. But as time passes by, I get older, old enough to build my way towards that fantasy of mine. But still I can't see it, I can't feel it because there is nothing concrete. It's all just clouds. You see them, you think you can feel them, you think you can hold them but the closer you get to it...it just disappears. You walk through it without noticing that you are already in it.

So yes, change.

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