Look ahead!

Before reading, I would like to apologise because some of the photos are badly touched up. *paiseh*. Just practicing some methods and you can see how much I sucked at it. haha

I had so many things to write about and now I'm just totally blanked out. Chinese New Year this year is pretty smooth~ Not aggressive at all =P Well, I didn't touch my homework, thats one thing that is not good at all.

Weather is pretty okay, not scorching hot like the past years. To sum it all up, it's a very relaxing CNY. =) No fuss, just smooth and relaxing. On the second day we went to Malacca, I drove there and back~ *gives self a pat on the back* =) But I didn't drive around Malacca hehe. Drove my mum's car which is a big deal cuz it's only my second time and this time I felt confident driving it.

Had a reunion dinner, ate yee sang.. Last year I had 1 mandarin orange. This year also. I don't know why, not a big fan of it. Maybe it's cuz of the seeds. Lazy, I know.. I'll regret not eating more of it. haha. But I crave for yee sang. hehe! I still feel like having it.

Going to go back to the condo later today. Sadly, I don't feel like going back so soon. But sooner or later I have to go back and get back into the college routine again. So better make sooner!

Reaching an end to SEM 4. Going into SEM 5.. I wish time would just come to a halt or just slow down. It's going way too fast. Honestly I feel like I'm not ready. I'm not prepared..even for this Sem 4 Final. But somehow got to try. I need some very concentrated, saturated confidence and go go juice to be injected in me like right now!

== go go juice. haha lame~ Alrighty, I better stop before I dwell in it longer and give myself a heart attack.

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