Jolly Well

I just came back from a mini reunion dinner with the peeps who take art as an elective subject. lol. It's an incomplete group! only 4 of us plus Jovita's friend. Sean and Aurea was there. Everyone else is busy, Jia Von is in Canada.

Hoping we could make a group trip to visit Pn. Normaliza and her new born baby girl.

I'm actually feeling sleepy now. =(

The dinner was great, catching up...reflecting back at the good ol' days. haha I'm really glad I get to go out every weekend this time. I used to stay at home all the time. But this time I think I need to go out. I need to meet other people to at least keep me sane. Keep my mind off things and keep me right on track, it's hard to balance it all but I'm trying.

Had fun talking about art classes, how we take every opportunity to go to her class. How we did project warga. Who is with who at the moment. Jokes, nicknames so on and so forth. haha funny times.


Just woke up. Was so freaking tired yesterday, no idea why. But just slept until morning. =) 

Have a good day!

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