It's time to put our game faces on!

Daily ramblings again. Lets find something positive and cheerful to talk about.  =) It's been a rough week and today was kind of rough. I have to say it was rough and tough. But each day passes and there is always a new day to look forward to.

Went for MIA's Music Dept's Charity Pop Concert to raise funds for the disaster happened in HAITI. Spent RM 20 as part of the donations. I think it was worth it. Great singers! I really enjoyed the band performances and the electrical violin was so awesome! There were a lot of chinese songs and there was this guy, Joe Zainul and his singing is amazing. He sang "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. OMG it was good.

Too bad my camera couldn't record all the performances. My memory card was full, and only manage to take some pictures. I wished they played more English songs, the chinese songs were really good too.

After the concert, went for dinner and came back. =)

No class tomorrow, but there is a talk to attend. Got to be in college by 8.30am. gosh so early =( going to catch a movie again. haha..this whole month I have been watching movies every week. I like it a lot. But running out of movies to watch already.

Just came back from dinner. really tired, gonna go off now.

Have a good night!


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