I don't know what to say. Mind just goes blank but I just feel the need to type something out. haha itchy hands. 

Went to Secret Recipe to have cake just now. Just realised that I've tried most of the cakes they have. OMG. They are no longer as good as they used to be. Branching more into cafe style, more into food. They don't even have a cake menu.. =( only got cake brochure...BROCHUREEEE..where can. 

Had mango delight. Have not had that in a longgg time. =) Feel like wanting to play piano again.Feel like going home, but don't feel like going home cuz I will get lazy and take the time spent there for granted. Feel like sleeping but have so much work to do. Feel thinking about other stuff but I shouldn't! haha omg. Needs to give my self a restraining orderrrr...

Lots of work to do. Can we finish in time? Can we do a better job with it? I'm not feeling it but yet I should be worrying about it. *confused* I feel like taking a very long break and just do something. Go travel somewhere far and foreign for just a bit, just to see something different have something eye opening and come back all fresh and new. ^^

Been feeling sleepy and tired, and it's only 8.30 pm!!! Bed time when i was 8 years old. haha Chines New Year is already next week. Can you imagine that, so soon. Feels like there is no preparation for it or rather I am not prepared for it. 

I didn't even really bother to do CNY shopping. Can you imagine that...for the first time in a long time I'm not eager to go CNY shopping. Which girl don't like shopping?? Not prepared for CNY yet, maybe this Friday when I go back it will come. haha

Gotta go now. bye~ =)

oh ya! before I forget..I've deactivated my Facebook Account. Until CNY and assessment is over then only I'll activate it. muahaha.. I hope I can tahan that long without Facebook! 

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