Yeah, another post for today. Don't know why, I just feel the need to type out something. Expression of thoughts I suppose. At times I wished that there is someone I could talk to without any judgement whatsoever. Just to blabber it all out, get it done and over with it. Parents, yes, they are the best people to talk to in my opinion. But when we do, we would always think about them worrying about us. Which makes it hard for us to pour out what we think and feel.

Just browsing my old posts. Wow, written so much memories down, some which I have forgotten that it even happened.

Now look, almost 20 and still blogging about the my daily ramblings of my life. But lately for the past year my post started to get a little bit more emotional, a little bit more sad, a little bit more frustrated. I miss how things used to be a few years back. I missed the way I wrote like I don't give a damn about it all and I just do and write.

But no point dwelling in the past, we have to live in the moment and look forward to tomorrow. That is all we do. If we think about yesterday, we loose sight of the moment we're living in and it is impossible to retrieve back those lost seconds. I'm not typing this to say like I'm a pro at it whatsoever. I am learning, still learning how to do that.

It's so tough, really, I thought I had the worst in my life a few years back but I spoke too soon. I have to say it is tough. I used to dwell in it and round and round I go, I still end up in the same spot. I think this is really life lessons. Life lessons will never stop until we die.To be honest, I wonder how each day is going to be like. Things are so different. There is something to learn from it.

I got to really feel how it feels. No amount of money could buy that sort of experience. Honestly, I wouldn't ask for it. If I can I don't want to go through it. But I won't have regrets, I believe life is a cycle. Just how we much we make use of it.

I know that I could get used to this. It isn't hard. =)

I remembered reading something from long time ago..When life gives you rocks, it's up to you to build walls or bridges. I still want to build that bridge. =)

with love
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