The day that ended well


busy weekend. On Friday I went for this Nokia Event at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena where you have a chance to buy the new Nokie X6 phone for only RM66. They only give out a limited amount of ballots and throughout the performances they will show the lucky numbers. I went there because there was performances by Six Sense, Aizat, Khalil Fong and Boys like Girls!!!!

The event was totally worth it seriously. Because it was totally free. I can't wait to get the videos and photos from Sheryiin. You can see one of the videos from her blog. Went there with MC,Sheryiin and both their brothers. The deejays were good..

But how they handle the whole situation was really horrible. From the point where we had to look for a parking spot until the point when we want to enter the space of the event. But definitely a good experience, can't believe people was pushing everyone about until we all fell down. It was raining and they wouldn't let us go through the main gate. So when they start letting people in they actually pushed down the gate and they confiscated our umbrellas.

Definitely an experience to remember. Being pushed and squashed until you can't breathe. After all that, we were dying of thirst. MC drove here and there until we ended up in MCD. Of all places right? but who cares. Ate,drink, talk and laughed. I was so tired that I fell asleep in the car and MC had to fetch me back. Thank you shooo much. haha =)
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