A day before CNY

Home smells heavenly! Mum's cooking yummy food, I'm in my room doing a mask..haha so long didn't pamper my skin. =) =) =) I slept for the longest time today. I had 8 hours of undisturbed sleep..went out and came back at around 2 something. Took a nap until 4 something. Well needed rest. I wonder if I can sleep tonight or not.

Went to KLCC yesterday and I had the urge to do shopping!!! omg, talk about bad timing. I'm so broke, I even had to think for a long time to decide what to eat. Well even if I wasn't broke I still take a long time to decide what to eat. haha.

At Nose, I saw this red watch that I really really really want to get. It's so beautiful I don't know why. I've been wearing the same watch since I was in form 3. So I am really going to try and get this watch. I have no new red clothes this year. I didn't buy anything. So, why am I so broke? it's all the little little things I spent here and there. I did more printing this time, went for movies, got my hair cut, spent on food for potluck etc etc....


money gone. 

Anyway, before I got home, I was exiting the car park and I got myself a very "beautiful" present before heading home. Sigh...good record turned not so good. I feel like a bad owner to my car. sobs. I scratched my boyfriend... =(

ouch right?

I have to be more careful.

Just now, I went to IOI mall with my bro. Get some errands done and at the same time thought if I could get myself a red shirt or if I'm lucky enough get that red hot watch that I want. But when I wanted to search for a red shirt, I was rushing and it became like a chore so I just stop. No meaning in getting a new red shirt if I can't enjoy looking and trying other options. 

Oh well, who is going to know whether I am wearing a new shirt or not. Well you guys would know...so just keep it to yourself aite. haha

I really want to share a video with you all. It's my friend's hamster, super cute. It's now with me for 1 week. I'm baby sitting it. hehe I even bought it an exercise ball just cuz I also sayang it very much. =P

Too cute until I can't resist. 

Remember I mentioned that I deactivated my Facebook. I kinda have the urge to activate again for cny. But I should refrain from doing that. =P I don't check my mails so often now also because most of the emails come from Facebook. Sad, I know. But without Facebook, you tend to wonder what else is there to do over the net. No one to chat with at the moment, no Facebook to stare at. So now I have more time to watch old movies and check out other blogs and see how other people live their lives. Oh, not to forget I get to read magazines. hehe currently in love with DWELL magazine. A tad pricey but worth the money I think. It's informative and I'm willing to forgot clothes shopping money for it.

Alright, till my next update =) Will upload the hamster video in my next post!
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