Oh well, what can I say or do? Just...

Let us fill our heads with happy thoughts =) =) =)

I've been staying out late for the past few days. Been watching movie every week. This week planning to watch movie again. I love movies. Something about going to the cinema, buying the ticket, eating pop corn and watching a movie where you are not allowed to pause it. The whole environment is niceeee. ^^

Emily's in Aust now, hey Em, hope you're doing well there. haha

MIA's Music Department's concert tomorrow~~ I can't wait for it. It's a pop concert, should be interesting =)

Alright, just a short update. It's time to sleep, I'm gonna enjoy my sleep. I'm gonna enjoy my work. I'm gonna enjoy what I do~


this is my 500th post! woo hoo..syiok..I wonder when I can reach 1000 post? haha

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