Pre Movie Night

After the whole day of chilling out yesterday, today it's crunch time! I slept really early though, I slept at around 11.45 pm yesterday hoping to wake up from a 15 - 20 minute nap. Turns out I slept till morning! I woke up at around 6 something but I went back to bed and slept for another hour. Been sleeping a lot lately. Did some work, I feel that my progress is slow but hey, look at the bright least it's moving! =)

But progress got cut short when I realised that I have to do something about tomorrow's Movie Night in MIA. Nobody is updating anybody about it. So, I felt like something has to be done, I have some responsibility in it. So yeah, in the end I had to go college to ask permission from maintenance about the drink dispenser. I was about to go there alone then luckily I asked Nelson if he would like to come cuz he has to collect money from Semester 2 students.

I thought we would spend about half an hour to a maximum 1 hour over there but in the end we were there until 5 something! I reached college at 3pm. We printed out the posters which I absolutely love because I never expected it to turn out like that. Thanks Ken! I thought it was going to be simple black and white text which no image. haha Yeah, people commented that the font is too small, title should be bigger etc etc..but nonetheless, I think it's nice.

I'm going to keep the posters. =P

But it was hectic and tiring, Nelson and I were like promoters trying to promote people to come to our Movie Night to support our ID Society. We had to go to other departments and we even ask lecturers! It's quite fun, but couldn't help thinking about our own ID homework.

I just really really hope that tomorrow would be successful then we could offer better movies for the following week and hopefully the movie night could be better and livelier.

Haha. okay then, off to do my work again. =) I'm going to prepare a Vlog soon. Been wanting to try Vblogging since a very long time ago. We're talking about years here.

okay then, good night!
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