My second week...


Back again. With more words and no pictures~

Second week here and everything is so far so good. Right now our project is an advertising agency. Design an office for it~

But right now,

my mind = blank. I just keep thinking thinking and thinking and nothing comes out. I have no idea or inspiration. I have the mood to want to do it but Just Got No Idea!!! Plus tomorrow have to come out with Furniture Design for competition? Creative technology bla bla bla...@_@ really no mood to do it anymore. Past half sem has past and got nothing out of it. What's going to happen for this second half?

Ask me what type of furniture there is, furniture designers etc I can name you what I know or basically what everyone knows. Embarrassing sial.

I am still having mixed emotions everyday. Everyday figuring out what is this all about. I feel kind of lost sometimes. I see everyone knowing what they are going to do and I'm wondering if they go through the same thing as me.

All I can tell myself is don't look back. Just look forward. Everything will fall into its place.

I just hope I know what I am doing or rather I could figure what is all "this" about. =)