It feels like a good day.

found this blog, To Do through Aurea's blog.

Simple advice that we always neglect but make the biggest difference. I think it's what we all need =)

Went to Pavilion to watch Avatar for the second time. The first time I went I totally fell asleep! =(

Not because it was boring but because it was a midnight show and I was dead tired. Went to the cinema twice but watched the movie once. =P It was good, I love the world that they created. How at night, everything glows and as you walked you would leave temporary glowing foot prints.


Jake Sully is cute. haha

Some of my friends decided to watch Tiger Woohoo in the morning today. I wanted to go watch but I decided not to. I think I need a rest and my purse needs a rest too. I need some "me" time. Just to chill.

I want to watch the Tooth Fairy and The Spy Next Door. Comedy ^^ and of course waiting for the anticipated movie of the year, Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. Watched the trailer, 3D should be awesome! =)

I'm really curious to see Mid Valley's CNY decoration. I missed their Christmas Decoration. Mid Valley always have good festive decoration compared to the rest of the malls. Even Pavilion doesn't really do a good job. I saw the Pavilion's CNY deco and it didn't match the image of Pavilion. Thats my personal opinion. Some might like it. Who knows. I still haven't got the mood yet. Didn't do much CNY shopping either. A bit sad but I'm okay with it.

That's about it~ daily ramblings. =)

So the question now is..

Where do I go from here?

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