Hey =)

Finally (I hope) Mid Sem Submission for ID 4 is over!!!!!! Lets celebrate people! Well, it isn't really a big deal just that, we can finally put that ordeal behind us. Way way wayyyy behind us. Feel a bit disappointed with myself because I think I did a lousy job with my work and I didn't do much for the research for office design. Excited about it. Can you smell the butter paper? Can you feel texture of the butter paper? LOL

Can you imagine, first week of college is over, I've stayed here for one week. It's already January 8th 2010! I'm living the life of a 20 year old now.

Now our project is an office design to design and advertising agency~ I'm feeling quite excited about it. I think we all are excited. I need to start taking pictures again. My blog feels so bare without some pictures to share. Oh! I uploaded a lot of pictures in Facebook titled Down Memory Lane~ and guess what? I somehow deleted and loose the REST of the pictures from year 2oo5 until 2007. Heart broken. Another sad thing, I cleared out my rubbish bin before I realised that it was gone.

I'm starting to feel like I want to try out video blogging.

Going out later to have a drink, there is class tomorrow, I hope we get to catch a movie or something. Settle some room stuff, go back get more things from home maybe and probably come back here the next day? haha I like it here. The only thing right now that I'm not really liking is eating outside food. EVERYTIME! Everything is starting to taste the same to me.

=) bye!

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