Hey all,

Happy New Year! I finally moved in to my new place. =) my classmate, Yee Ann and I rented a room in Wangsa Maju. Moved in on the 1st day of the year, and a memorable one it was. When we reached the place we were stopped. Not allowed to move in because it was a public holiday and we didn't have a letter of approval from the admin's office.

Thanks to my new housemates and my family~ SUCCESS! can move in. hahaa.

So basically now it's to make it feel like home. Settling down (not yet cuz I want my bolster!) It feels very alien, like I'm staying over and someone else's house. Still not complete yet. My clothes are still in the bag, not yet unpack cuz still need to get another wardrobe.

There is this nagging feeling right now. Like a pinch, can't really describe it. Maybe its the all at one go kind of thing. Rushing to finish my homework, settling down, missing people. haha

Homework...stuck! I need to be UNstuck! I find so hard to decide. Don't know what I'm doing is right or wrong. Have to figure out, find my own way out of this. This feeling has been coming back to me since college started.

so yeah. we're all growing.Process of growing. reaching our twenties now..

I really want something to hug right now! ='(

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