Have not blogged for so long that I just don't know how to start. Just that I've been sick. Coughing, have to sleep early everyday. I hope I get well soon enough. Coughing is really annoying. Yesterday my house mate bought Wong Lo Kat for me to drink. It's my first time drinking it and omg it was SO bitter that water actually taste SWEET!


Bitter is good.

We're in our 3rd week now. Everything is going and moving on like a routine. Most probably our class would be going to China, Hang Zhou specifically. I'm quite excited for it. I hope we all get to go. Then we would have to post pone our semester which means we have a 2month holiday! ^^

This time I'm planning to find a part time job and no, not for my parents. Outside~ Probably thinking about working in a company. See how things work. Not going to back to that kindergarten to teach though. =P

Still no pictures to share. My camera is really underused. Poor thing.

The law of attraction says that affirmative thoughts attracts positive energy. Whatever you send out is reflecting back at you.

so start sending good energy! =)

I feel the need to laugh and cry. Bland emotions are so stagnant and not stimulating and all.

Don't Look Back. I need a turnover. lol

with love~
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