Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide

Movie Night was a success! I'm so glad it worked out even better that what I thought it would be. We managed to earn a good sum and people gave good feedbacks! This was hard work that paid off. =)

Snacks and drinks leftover. Movie wasn't too bad. A little bit boring at the beginning but I think it ended off pretty well. It was really tiring running here and there trying to help make sure that everything goes on well. Thank you to everyone who helped out.. *HUGS!* hahaha

I felt so excited after movie night because it just went so well. I hope to celebrate and share it with people but unfortunately everyone seem to be so tired. haha So somewhat celebrated it with seniors, friends and Mr Mazlan..."somewhat" I guess it's just syiok sendiri only.

Hopefully this movie night thing can continue and become a routine made by ID Society.

2 emotions happening at the same time. Good emotions and Bad emotions. I should manifest on the good emotions because affirmative thoughts are more powerful than negative ones. It's good to help out with things and help make things work. Makes it feel like there's more to it than just what we do everyday. Gives it more substance. But it's very heart breaking to see how people could take it in a negative way.

I don't want to elaborate more. Because I really think it's not necessary for me to feel upset over it anymore. I've had enough of these foolish shenanigans. I wouldn't say everything I did was right but at least I know in my heart what my intentions were. To help out, to make it work. So I've done my part. So don't freaking make a big deal out of a small issue and put a fake smile over it.

For once I want to be able to be independent about it. For once I want to not let myself get hurt by these foolishness. Sorry to say this, but really, this jealousy shit is stupid. haha I better stop myself. I promised I won't elaborate.

I'll end on a happier note. I just found out that Pn Normaliza just gave birth to a baby girl.. awww.. I know she won't be reading this but CONGRATULATIONS. She's one of my favourite teachers from high school. I'm so happy that she has a daughter now. ^^ I hope I could go back and visit her one of these days.

with love =)
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