Been writing in this blog almost everyday now. Nothing concrete to talk about, just daily rambles of my life.

Things just feels different now. I can't elaborate on it, I can't express myself about's just there. I can't tell if its a good thing or bad thing.

After 15 mins of trying to wake up, showering in extremely cold water, halfway of packing up my stuff all geared and prepared to face the music in college, only just to find out that we don't have class on MONDAY.


Found out that Mr Sun is going to take over our class. Mr Khairul took over Jah's Sem 3 class. All the best. Hope he change for the better. Assessment is on Friday.

Doing ID, feeling sleepy, and just spacing out. Stoning.

Someone took a random picture and I came to realise how much different I looked since high school. Chubby chubby chubby... They say it's cute..and huggable.. -___-" really like a "swt" moment. I changed so much! I didn't realise it. haha.



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