Right now I'm wishing that I have a big Chocoman to hug. An inanimate boyfriend that doesn't speak but just is there to comfort you at the oddest hour. Suddenly feel the need to be hugged and comforted or just to talk and laugh and feel happy.

yes, I'm feeling all mushy now.

I think I'm gonna get myself a big chocoman. I wonder is it as huggable as I imagine it would be. Everytime buying a doodoll for someone else but myself. Love it very much, one day I'm going to get it. haha.

I had this random thought, if I ever had children, I would want them to play with lego. Explore with art..not like those type of drawing classes where they brain wash you to believe that you must produce a beautiful drawing in order to be known as good. And how a good drawing must be perceived. I want them to develop into their own style...haha.

Just yesterday I see how insecure we all are in a public environment. Refuse to care about others. Going through each of our own lives as though the person right next to you is worth nothing. Pathetic. It's really sickening how cruel the world is turning. Going further into the future. We're suppose to be improving, but no, we're heading right into destruction. Opening up our arms to the horns of a fighting bull.

We meet people who are in a hurry to get somewhere, have the courtesy to say excuse me but doesn't have to the courtesy to say sorry when they banged into your legs with the trolley. I get it, you're in a hurry. But the time for someone to react to your "excuse me" and move aside does not happen simultaneously as the time you said it. Especially if you're from the back. Unless they have mind reading powers. If so, then by all means..go right ahead.

Not only that, I think everyone is maintaining the "rules are mean to be broken" lifestyle. Maybe because our own law enforcement is pretty much non existent that we all go "well, so whats the point?" and just do what we like. Even simple rules like "no entry". Yes, once a while we do break them..but if you're in a parking lot, where there are oncoming cars..wouldn't it be obvious for you to follow the sign instead of the other way.

It's like we aren't humans anymore.. moral values that we learnt (not those ridiculous nilai-nilai moral that we were forced to memorize) since we were born. What's right, what's wrong. Good and bad. Now, indirectly and directly we're forced to behave in this monster like manner just to protect ourselves from being harmed. To avoid headlines of tomorrow's newspaper.


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