Live like we're dying..

by Kris Allen, love that song.

I actually never understood why girls go "gah gah" and "googly" eyes over Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen. Even when I watched New Moon, I thought Jacob was way more good looking and chiseled! But then again, when I watched New Moon, I actually have not watch Twilight. So I watched it the other day..and yes, I think I understand why everyone is crazy of Edward Cullen.

I found back all the pictures from year 2005. Really went down memory lane until the point where I felt nostalgic. I remember saying that I do not miss high school and I prefer primary school rather than secondary school. But looking at these pictures, you see all the funny things and look pass all the bad ones.

Anyway, 1 week of my holidays have officially passed.. And I have completed zero homework! Hurray me! =P I did my autocad for construction drawing. Not complete of course and I forgot how to use autocad! *dies* A lot of commands I've forgotten. Luckily my lecturer asked us to use autocad, cuz if not I would totally ignore it.

But it's fun! Next thing to conquer is 3D Max. haha I'm slow with it. I wonder who has touched or done their ID work. I have got to do it one way or another. 3 more weeks left!

I'm feeling pretty intense. Really wanting to know more about what is design. Beginning in foundation I thought arts was arts..ID,Graphic etc are all arts. Yes they are but design is involved. So what is design?? What sets a good design apart from others? How does one appreciate design and how does one look at it.

So many things to learn and from where to begin? It feels really exciting because I feel that there is something more to it and I want to know more about it. It feels frustrating sometimes because I don't feel like I have that knack, niche or natural talent. The phobia kicks when when I think about if there is such thing as "the course is not suitable for me" or "I'm not meant to do this". But then another thought comes in, the only thing that matters is whether you want it or not. Simple as that.

And of course the effort you put in and the attitude you have. Positivity and being open to all possibilities is important. Learning to accept or believe that 1+1 ≠ 2

I hope I would be able to enjoy and know what is it all about. Call me crazy and childish but talking about it makes me feel that there is another realm that exist. A reality, but just a different type of reality. Talking is easy, typing is easy but really doing it takes a lot of effort.

Christmas is coming around the corner~ What do I want? I want to celebrate it with my family and friends! Both college and high school friends. =) that would great! triple celebration. By next month I would be out again. I'm not expecting anything like I did with last time. But I really hope that everything goes well.

I'm running out of things to write about so I'm going to start rambling. I wish our college have more events or have more things going on.. Like prom night for MIA, and have things going on for little things like Valentine's day, Mooncake Festival etc etc. hmm maybe there are things like that going on but I'm just too ignorant to notice. hehe

sadly, it's a lil hard to achieve all that because every department is different, our semesters are short and workload is a lot. time?

hmm nasi goreng kampung. Most popular Ala Carte' dish last time. lolx

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