It's the rules..

Scariest words I've heard the whole day.

Watch SAW 1 and oh my gosh.. So many people say that it is a good movie. Again, I am not a fan of horror films. It's too scary and disturbing.Psychotic. I was stunned after the movie, thank goodness I watched it with Emily. I wonder who created that storyline.

Right after that, we found out that Brittany Murphy passed away! Another stunned moment. I wasn't sure how to react. Was already stunned by the movie and then heard about Brittany Murphy's death over the net. sigh. So many deaths of celebrities over the year.

It's really scary now, so many deaths and it makes you think about what on Earth is going on?? Drugs, medication are taking over and no matter how much people do to fight against it, it seems the battle is not on our side. People still rely on them. =(

SO many things going through my mine now. Comic Fiesta is over and yeah. haha Lots of things to share I suppose. =) I'm finally back home. Didn't touch my homework since Friday. So feeling some guilt in me now.

Together with Emily and Sean. haha so good to see Sean again! too bad we couldn't go back to the photo sticker booth. Like last year.

I'm not a very big anime fan or into cosplaying. But honestly if you were to ask me if I were to go for this Comic Fiesta again next year I would say yeah, why not. I don't know why though. Maybe it's an event for me to go and see or a time to be with my friends.

dolls that were on display. Some of these dolls are so erotic. haha. Sexayy dolls.


With Emily and her sis Marianne, day 1 before heading off to Sunway Pyramid.

This year's Comic Fiesta isn't as great as last years. The booth's weren't as interesting. Last year there were more handicraft booths than this year. But I still spent my money on stuff. Found the booth that made the cute hand phone straps last year. hehe remember last year's chobits hair band? The one that looks like cat ears. I got another type this year. I wanted the flower head piece the it got sold off and I wanted to order but the girl didn't call me back. So oh well, not meant to be mine I suppose.

The preparation. With less than just 3 hours to sleep and trying to get the obi right~ woo accomplishment! =) hehe Had no idea or any clue how on Earth to tie the obi. It's hard even with the directions.

did a rehearsal the night before. This was on the day itself. haha It's kinda fun. =) I wouldn't mind doing it again though. Malaysian style obi belt, secret to it? Pins and towels! =P

This time Comic Fiesta brings a different experience for me. =) Tiring but interesting. I wouldn't want to do it often but once a year is good enough. hehe. Helping my friends prepare for their cosplay. Fixing wardrobe malfunctions. I didn't help much but it was interesting. I kinda tied and obi belt! And it worked!!! *beaming proudly* haha No idea how the Japanese people do it seriously. We had to make it work by stitching and a whole lot of pins!

characters from xxxHolic. Emily, Venus(this girl is so tall and slim! makes you go *ga ga* ) and Marianne

can you see my purple highlight?! =) the can we bought wasn't cheap! I haven't been spending and poof in two days..omg. bye bye money. The can is not working now. I'm thinking it's really wasted. I didn't make full use of it. Was planning to wear it to college =P

oh yeah, the wing'ed ear hair band I bought. lolx yearly collection of mine. last year was the chobit/cat ears.

and again

I did buy 5 diff coloured hair bands. ^^V my fetish. Coloured hair bands. Still not complete though! Many more colours for me to explore. hehe Got my hair dyed, there is some difference but WAY TOO SUBTLE. sobs =(

The next time I plan to get my hair dyed I'm going to the professionals. Apparently I can't choose hair colour for myself very well. But my next mission is to get purple highlights! Thanks to Emily for the idea, thanks to the broken spray can. Nice colour but couldn't make full use of it cuz the can totally failed with a P..PHAILED! ugh.

the sisters

I met this boy, Joel (yes, I'm calling this guy a BOY) from Comic Fiesta, friends of Marianne's. Kye Chin's bf. haha Poor thing, kena bullied by 2 seniors, Emily and I. =P Too adorable

Christmas is coming soon and oh my god~ Found the videos that Jia Von made with our faces in in. Laughed till I dropped. Look so ridiculous and yet so funny. Can't stop laughing every time I see the videos. I think it's cause we never imagined ourselves doing that and when you see yourself on the screen dancing country dance and popping out of cuckoo clocks. It's just hilarious!

You can check it out and have a good laugh at Jia Von's (click it!) blog and at my Facebook (click it) . Click it and have a good laugh. In the spirit of Christmas. lol.

Thanks Jia Von for making that video. For remembering us and putting us into the video.


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