I suddenly feel like painting my nails. haha


I can't believe Christmas is just round the corner! *shakes head in denial* cannot cannot. It's too soon! 2nd week of holiday is about to pass. sobs. I got no new pictures to share either.

These past 2 days I've been feeling tired. But it's like the good kind of tired you know. The type you feel it's worth it. It's because it's productive. =) Feels like got some motivation already.

Comic Fiesta '09 this Sat and Sun. Looking forward for this years. lolx never would have thought that I would be interested in Comic Fiesta. hehe. Hopefully I get to see "someone" cosplay =)

Gonna try to log in less into Facebook. Maybe try for one week of not logging in. Have to prove that I could get away from this Facebook addiction. lolx.

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