Goodbye 2009

I didn't sleep well last night and I woke up from having dreams about my lecturer. Before you go on any further thinking that I might have a sexy forbidden dream PLEASE STOP YOURSELF.

That was traumatizing, to even mention sexy forbidden dream and maybe linking it with the lecturer... Yes.. THE lecturer..the one and only~

Even though it wasn't scary, it's already classified as a nightmare. I dream't about me and my cousins checking out malls. I was bringing them around and The Lecturer appeared. I don't know why, maybe it's to remind me that college is about to begin and that I have to do something about my ID.

But this time in this dream, I really couldn't take it and I told him right in his face. Forgot the things I said but I definitely pissed him off. His reaction was the way I think he would react in real life. His temper. And of course the thing that everyone else would have predicted..He was threatening us to watched out. (pssttt...he was going to kill us..)

Yeah, freaky dream.

I'm starting to have doubts that I could finish my ID in time. I mean, I really am not worried. I don't feel like we have to pass it up and I don't feel that we have to present. This attitude of mine is freaking me out. I'm still so ignorant. I'm starting to feel like whats the point? I'm not eager anymore. Eager to design or to want to know and try.

I need to be reeled in to why I'm in this again. Why do I want this so badly in the first place? Whats the thing that motivate me at the beginning? What was the feeling like when I actually tried? Read a book and talked to a friend today. =) Felt a little more positive which made me feel good.

Set your new years resolution yet? Before this I don't really believe in resolutions and never bothered about them. But I think this time I'm going to give it a try. To set personal goals, and worked at achieving them. A little self achievement is good for the soul! hahaha

Chatted with Jia Von just now. I miss her. =) I feel like going to Canada! Joseph came and find me to talk about a massive reunion. Will it work? Have to talk to some people. Moving out in 2 days time. Things packed = 0! Can't wait to move but not ready to leave homee.. One of my hopes for 2010, is that I am not planning to expect anything. Just hope that everything goes smoothly.

I love mid-nights, something about it that is so calm... Somewhat at peace.

alright, time to get some work done! Clocks ticking..

with love,

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