hmm.. no new idea on what to blog about~ that's not good.

Went back to Wangsa today, went to see the place again. Made a decision! Found the place. Prays and hopes everything goes on well.

Went for Karaoke at Wangsa Walk. I guess it's not too bad for that price. Better than the horrible song box at Ampang Point. So long since I went for Karaoke. haha. Song choice not really that good though. But for the price we paid I guess it is okay.

Interesting bunch I guess, random~ Went with Yee Ann, Annie, Xuan, Leong and Sebastian.

first week almost gone. SO FAST! T_T have to get started on the homework.. I don't mind starting on Autocad, 3D max and research. Eventhough I'm not very good at it. But really stuck on ID. I don't know how to continue, or develop or what not. I don't even know how should I do what I want.

hmm~ still got no interesting topic to talk about. haha.

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