Have not blogged in ages. Actually lost the need to blog. Even if I blog I don't know what to share. Probably have loads of other things on my mind to worry about that blogging just took the backseat.

My holidays just started and yes I'm turning lazy~ I can feel it. haha But I think this holiday would be a different one. For once I haven't turn into a couch potato yet! *proud* haha and I supposedly have a lot of things to do this holiday. Homework to finish and I have to help out with a project...shhh.. haha

I can see my blog is really dead. My chatbox is extremely dead too. Need to revive it a lil.

This week I'm trying to get all the big stuff settled. Finding a place to stay and replacing/upgrading the PC at home. I'm really praying that everything will work out fine. I have this phobia now. So I'm really hoping things are going to turn out okay. I'm not expecting anything this time. =)


till tmrrow. With pictures and a topic to talk abt! hopefully.

gd niteee~~~
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